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ETH Zurich
Start 07.03.2011 Examination break 16.05.-06.06.2011 Building week 06.06.-12.06.2011
Georgia Institute of Technology
Starting 09.02.2011 Building week 18-24.04.2011
End of project 29.04.2011
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Starting date 01.02.2011 Examination break 20.04.-02.05.2011 Building week 09.-15.05.2011
Nanyang Technological University
Start 07.03.2011 Examination break 02.05.-22.05.2011 Building week 23.05.-29.05.2011
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Start 23.02.2011 Building week 11.-17.04.2011
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Building the Tower of Babylon – what on Earth is sustainability?

The international student competition "the Tower of Babylon" coordinated by ETH Zurich has entered the final phase. All the theoretical and hypothetical visions have been put into reality and the astonishingly bold outcome can be viewed on this webpage.
During the last three months the participating teams were confronted not only with the philosophical ideology but also had to strategise and plan.
Taking this apocalyptical and prevailing topic, the title of this competition automatically brought forth thoughts, moreover concerns about the limits of our worldly riches and global society.
In March when most teams were in the assessment phase Japan was hit by a catastrophic series of environmental disasters forcing a highly-advanced technological society to adapt quickly and effectively and to take upon new values and awareness towards energy consumption and sustainability.
We hope this competition will motivate and encourage young people around the globe to step forth, challenging todays' limits and become innovative and courageous, not only thinkers, but also makers.

Stefanie B. Overbeck - DipAA RIBA II SIA architect
Head of eco-architectural practice in Lausanne
Initiator / Creative Director of the "Tower of Babylon" competition

Gabriela Blatter / ETH Zurich
International Institutional Affairs IIA
Scientific Coordinator

global concept
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